2020 Junior League Registrations Now Open!

We’re excited! Registrations for the 2020 Junior League season are now open!

New and returning players, coaches, trainers, referees and volunteers are now able to register for their respective clubs on the new Play Rugby League platform – MYSIDELINE

How to join a club:

  1. Head to PlayRugbyLeague.com
  2. Search using your postcode, suburb or club name.
  3. Browse the list of results or use the filter to narrow down your search.
  4. Choose the club you wish to join and click Register.
  5. Login with your NRL Account or create a new account. Any existing registration profiles from previous seasons which used the same email as your NRL Account will automatically link for your convenience.
  6. Select the participant you wish to register or add a new participant.
  7. Complete the registration form.

Where can participants access help and support? 

  1. Most problems can be solved in a couple minutes by finding the appropriate help article at Support.PlayRugbyLeague.com
  2. Our Support Team is also on hand to assist with any other enquiries. Send them a message here.

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