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An update on the 2022 development squads.

For the last two years, the global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our rugby league offerings and our additional initiatives outside of regular competition football in unprecedented ways. Throughout, our goal has been to provide safe and fair competitions with as little disruption as possible to the overall participant experience. Today, the hurdles presented by pandemic-related constraints are still very real and dynamic but are somewhat clearing which paves the way for us to bring back these initiatives.

We have already successfully held our Craig Rimmer Carnival and our Minis Gala Day will be happening in three weeks on the last competition round which will lead into our final’s series for competitive competitions. Although these are planned, we are still very aware that these may not go ahead or will require changes. For example, we had to move the Rimmer Carnival from Hurstville Oval to Scarborough Park. Although a small change, these are just the many examples of the challenges that happen behind the scenes. To find out more about these events and to keep up with the latest, check out our website or follow our digital platforms.

This brings us to our last bastion of what we have traditionally offered as a junior league to our participants. Development squads are back! The St George Junior Rugby Football League development squads have seen an enormous degree of structural change throughout the pandemic and we are bringing them back for 2022.

As we reintroduce development squads, the 2022 development squads will hold the primary goal of providing kids, coaches and trainers with a greater opportunity to specilise and develop their skills in a different environment. Due to the uncertainty of the 2022 program the selection of players will be based on a combination of selectors and team nominations. All players and staff on each team will consist of active members and supporters of the junior league to maximise the learning experience.

These past two years have been turbulent, but the passion we share for rugby league and community sport has been constant. We are extremely excited to kickstart the program once we clear some final hurdles, but this is the first step in our quest to put on this program. We will have more information and updates about the program in the coming days at stgeorgejrl.com.au and our social channels.

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