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Celebrating 2023 NRL Multicultural Round

The St George JRL are proud to announce that participants make up a representation of 96 different countries!

The St George district is situated in a large culturally linguistic and diverse community and by acknowledging the roots and each others backgrounds we are stronger together.

Andrew Abdo, NRL CEO said, “What I love about our sport is that we see so many different cultures celebrated, whether it in the stands, whether it is on the field on Saturday morning at grassroots footy or whether it is our players – both men and women.

“Often in society we congregate with people from similar backgrounds as us, or similar religions or similar genders, but sport forces us, in a way, to be able to see the benefits and the strength of multi-culturalism.

“Having many different cultures in the game is a strength and something we are really proud of.”

The junior league are unified by the shared belief that together we are more than the sum of our parts. That all of us, is better than one of us. Each with our own history, talents and ideas. That we are Stronger Together.

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