The Craig Rimmer Carnival is back this Saturday the 17th at Riverwood Park. See team handicaps, age group schedules and game day information below.

The Craig Rimmer Carnival is a handicap based event where all teams are assigned a handicap, calculated based on their current points aggregate. The handicap is the game score that is applied at the start of each game the team plays. By creating an advantage through score compensation this equalises both teams’ chances of winning.

The event was previously known as the Peakhurst Knockout, hosted by Peakhurst Hawks JRLFC. It was a unique carnival that operated under special rules, allowing teams depending on their status in the junior competitions to a receive points start from each respective competition leader. In 1991, the naming of the Peakhurst Knockout was then changed to the Craig Rimmer Carnival, named in honor of Craig Rimmer, a promising Peakhurst Hawks JRLFC junior who died in tragic circumstances the year prior at a Christmas Eve party.

This gala day takes place in lieu of round 9, being a major event separate from the regular season competition for ages 9, 10, and 11, celebrating the game for all.

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