Improving our communication lines

In our last blog post we talked about our introduction of a chat functionality natively in the site.

We want this post to tell you who answers that and a whole lot more. As part of our quest to provide the best digital experience there are many ways to contact the people you need. There are also some things that you may not be sure who answers it, this post reveals it all. All of these avenues are true as of today.

To contact St George JRL board members, their emails are listed on the board page under the about section. Our directors do not have official JRL emails, but there are many channels which you can use to reach them and those requests can be forwarded onto them. To contact NSWRL staff, their contact details are listed on the staff page under the about section. To contact NRL game development staff, their emails are the game development section of the site.

When you submit a form on our site such as the contact us form, it is readable to those who have access. Primarily, it will be read by on of our VPs. When you send an email to, this will only be read by our our strategy team. When you send an email to, this can by read by some of our VPs but will primarily be read and responded to by NSWRL staff.

When you send a message through our chat functionality on the website, it will only be read by and responded to by St George JRL volunteers.

If you send a message to our social channels it will be responded to by either NSWRL staff or our VPs.

If you want to reach someone and you don’t know what to do sent it to any of the above avenues and we will be sure it reaches them.


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