Our Digital Roadmap

Hey All,

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about improving your digital experience to ensure that it is the best. We still have a LOOOONG way to go and here is where we are going to list out our plans for what we want our digital avenues to look like over the next couple of months. Why is this important? The digital space is where you can access information quickly and where we can also communicate with you better. I think the easiest example to give is wet weather. It’s storming outside and you come to our digital avenues to find out what’s happening, there’s nothing written and it’s still bucketing outside. We have all been there and we want to make sure you get what you want when you want it.

If we read our previous blog posts and have explored our website you would have noticed the addition of translation and chat. Translation provides a more tailored experience for those who are not confident with their English and who want to read items like this or get the latest news. We know how important this is as we live in a large culturally linguistic and diverse community. Chat allows you to talk to someone to get the information we need and outside of this we have many channels to reach the people you need.


So what can you expect by the end of 2022? By the end of this year we aim to introduce a shop on our website. It’s pretty much almost there we just need to test a few things to ensure you’re not the testers using a half baked application, it’s our job to get it right. We are also going to amend the contact us form to make it easier to provide us with your thoughts. This will always be here and WILL NEVER go away as we want to listen and act on what you have to say. YOUR feedback matters to us. Finally, for this month we will make sure that all the information under the about page is up to date. We’ve already got a head start on this when talking about our communication channels so if nothing else this will be finished. That’s a lot to do any we are almost a third through the last month of the year but we are confident that we can get this done.

Jan 2023

If all goes to plan we start the year of with a working shop and an enhanced contact form. In the month of January our Google MyBusines Page and social channels will direct to this store to drive additional traction. Everything will be better integrated together and compliment each other as each channel is good for different purposes. We will also launch a brand new Facebook page due to some technical difficulties we are having with the existing one. This is good and bad but we have to do it.  On the website we will launch a refreshed home page with some brand new functionality!

One of the bigger tasks is making sure our website looks slick on mobile. This is important as 70% of users use a mobile device to look at our website. To this day our website is still edited on a computer and previously was just tested on a computer. When we saw that stat and staring at it in disbelief at the same time, we realised we missed our mark in producing a website that met users’ needs as something just do not look good on mobile. In the end data drives decisions. Mobile is now at the centre and we are making sure everything looks good in that space. We will share a future blog post about some of the changes we have made in the future but we are slowly transitioning as we speak to make sure everything looks how it should.

Feb 2023

As we get closer to the start of the season, there are a couple of pages which need fixing to keep you informed of what is going on. The events page will have events on it and our resources will be refreshed and made up to date. I’m sure you can agree they don’t look too great at the moment, but they are doing their job for the most part. Previously, not a lot of thought went into this with items just put up there for people to see as it comes to light. This will change as we want you to be informed well ahead of time and we want to make it easier for you to access information and we want to make it look good as well!

The future

Newsletters will return with a new provider, we’re not sure when though. We will dabble with making the chat bot semi-automated, though we will have to see how that goes. Branding will be more cohesive across channels and posts, hopefully you can start to tell and feel a difference, this will take a while though. We’ve got to do a better job at promoting our products and clubs through our digital spaces, we don’t have a plan for it but its on this list along with a whole lot of other things unrelated to the digital space.

Throughout these tasks we will continue posting and keeping you all updated, whether interesting or not we want to be transparent and clear in our goal and methodology to provide the best digital experience. We are committed to doing that. We will also keep posting naturally on all our social channels to make it easier for you to stay informed, though some stuff like this will be website exclusive. All blog items are separate to news as we have started utilising categories for posts to separate items. Remember when I said things were just utilised with little thought, well this is another example.

Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome.

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