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St George JRL Finals Series Locations and Format Announcement

St George JRFL Finals Series Dates

Week 1: August 13&14

Week 2: August 20&21

Week 3: Sunday August 28

St George JRFL Finals Series Locations

St George JRFL teams are awarded as the home team when their position on the competition ladder is higher than their opponents. As a result of being the home team, they get to play their game at a venue within the St George District. Games may take place on either day of the weekend and may be opposite from traditional scheduling.

The venues for each week of the finals series are:

Week 1: Saturday: Cahill Park, Sunday: Cahill Park, Bexley Oval

Week 2: Saturday: Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Sunday: Cahill Park

Week 3: Sunday: Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

Other Competition Finals Series Locations

Where St George teams are classified as the away team and the home team is not a St George team, the games will be held in the home teams district.

Competitions that are administered by the Cronulla JRL will be held in their district.

Games may take place on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and may be different from traditional scheduling.

St George JRFL competitions format

The finals series for all St George JRFL administered competitions will culminate over 3 weeks and be a top 4 format, which remains unchanged from original plans. This traditional format rewards teams that finish higher on the competition ladder by providing them with double elimination. This means that teams that finish 1st and 2nd verse each other for the chance of directly qualifying to the grand final while the loser verses the remaining team from the elimination final, which is often a weaker opponent, for their chance to qualify to the final for the second time and bring momentum with them in the lower bracket preliminary final.

This creates the best opportunity for both deserving teams to make the final but an equally greater opportunity for genuine and fair upsets to occur, maximising the quality of play that will be seen. Unfortunately as in the nature of a competition, teams that have not qualified for the finals series have done so in a knowingly and fair manner and we hope they enjoyed a great season!

Below are the workings and associated graphic for the finals series for ease of understanding.

Week 1:

Qualifying final: 1st Seed vs 2nd Seed

Elimination final: 3rd Seed vs 4th Seed

Week 2:

Preliminary Final: Loser of Qualifying Final vs Winner of Elimination Final

Week 3:

Grand Final: Winner of Qualifying Final vs Winner of Preliminary Final

Although there have been calls to change the format, as a core principle of the competition administration, we need to ensure that all teams compete on a level playing field during our tournaments to ensure competitive integrity is not undermined.  Although changes may benefit teams and some clubs of the St George District of face value, this is not the premise of where the decision is being made. The format and all competitions rules continually get reviewed at the conclusion of the season based on feedback given.


NSWRL Metro Combined Competitions & Combined Blues Tag

The NSWRL Combined Girls Tackle and Monarch Blues Tag Competitions will remain a top 4 finals series this format will not change.

NSWRL Southern Corridor Competitions 

Ages 13-17 will be played under different formats depending on the number of teams in the competition. Competitions that have 4 teams will retain the model above. In competitions where there are five teams, a top five model will be implemented. Competitions with six or more teams will implement a top six model. The top 6 model removes double elimination for higher ranked teams, instead giving them the week off at the expense of allowing for lower placed teams in the competition to be involved. The top 5 model only gives the highest seed the week off at the expense of including an additional lower ranked team. For an explanation of how the top 5 and 6 formats work please refer to other stakeholders.

All other age groups involved in southern corridor competitions will be utilising the top 4 format as described above.

Cronulla JRL governed Competitions 

Teams that participate in competitions that are solely governed by the Cronulla JRL will have a mixture of formats like the southern corridor competitions.

All games will be held at Cronulla JRL home grounds regardless of home and away status


The finals series commences this weekend at Cahill Park on Saturday. Games commence from 9am and run throughout the day. The action then continues on Sunday at Cahill Park and Bexley Oval. This is only the 1st week of 3 for the 2022 finals series with the season to culminate at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium on the 28th of August. To keep up to date with all the latest news, keep tabs on stgeorgejrl.com.au or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @StgeorgeJRL. We hope to see you out on the playing fields or supporting community sport!


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