We’ve launched call centres at home!

A few days ago we launched translation, today, we are launching a chat functionality to stgeorgejrl.com.au! Not a total call centre but close enough!

With both these integrations into the site we aim to provide the best junior league digital experience.

The chat functionality is available on both mobile and on the web. To access the popup on the web it is in the middle on the left edge of your screen. Clicking it will bring up the popup from the bottom right corner. This is where the functionality natively sits and upon your first interaction it should greet you letting you know it is there. On mobile the chat bubble will remain in the bottom right corner of the screen as your browse the sight.

While we do our best to respond as soon as possible we cannot guarantee it. If more long format, less conversational contact is wanted you can always fill in the contact us form. You can also send an email to info@stgeorgejrl.com.au. We will do our best to respond and meet your needs in a timely fashion.

Over the coming months we will be looking to expand this functionality to provide quicker responses.

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